4 Hour Reckless/Aggressive Driver Course

If you receive a Reckless driving ticket, it is STRONGLY recommended to complete this course prior to your court date, along with the 8-hour DIP Course!! Consult with a traffic attorney to verify this.

Persons charged with Reckless driving tickets (or driving violations that contribute to aggressive/road rage behaviors) may enroll prior to their court date or as referred by their attorney or as ordered by the Court, in a 12-hour education program (8hr DIP Course and 4hr Reckless Course).

The 8-hour DIP class is a pre-requisite for the 4-hour Reckless/Aggressive Driver Course.

The 4-hour “Reckless/Aggressive Driver Course” addresses the many causes of reckless driving, the psychological aspects of aggressive driving, teaches methods to avoid situations which encourage dangerous driving behavior and gives tools that help us implement the skills we learn in the driver improvement program. The participant will learn skills which can be used in everyday driving situations to safely negotiate the crowded roadways.

Instructor in driving school writing down results of exam, closeup
  • Classes held weekly, check courses page for times.
  • Course workbook & class supplies provided.
  • Same day issuance of certificate of completion.
  • No need to arrive 30 minutes early for registration.
  • Dont be late.
  • You must bring your Drivers License or Learners Permit or DMV issued ID card.
  • If you received a letter from your attorney or court, or have the police issued ticket, bring it along.